Winterizing Your Screen Room or Patio

When the daylight wanes and the temperature dips, many of us can be overcome by a twinge of sadness. Often the culprit is biological, as we become cooped up indoors, no longer able to comfortably use our screen rooms and patios that give us so much outdoor enjoyment in the spring, summer and early fall.

The good news is there’s an affordable solution that allows you to winterize your outdoor area, making it usable 3 or 4 seasons of the year, depending on how cold it gets where you live.

The Secret: Vinyl Windows

Lightweight vinyl window panels can be set up on tracks or placed in front of your existing screens, allowing you to completely close off your room from the elements. On nice weather days you can still open up the “nesting” windows effortlessly, to allow up to 75% ventilation.

This gives you a refreshing outdoor feel, without being fully exposed. And, if it does get chilly where you live, vinyl windows and a little space heater will work their magic, allowing you to get that outdoor feeling, while staying in complete comfort.

If placed in front of existing screens, at the end of winter you have the option to remove the vinyl windows completely, leaving the screens in place as before.

An Alternative to Glass

Vinyl windows are an innovative alternative to glass.

Vinyl costs a fraction of what glass costs. Vinyl is lighter weight and its durability is unsurpassed (if the vinyl is stretched or dented it will return to its original shape in minutes.) It is also ideal if living near a golf course or in an area where children play.

Vinyl also provides a clear view, unlike tinted glass, and blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays (a leading cause of furniture fading), so it will help your furniture stay beautiful for years to come.

Discuss Winterizing With a Compass Design Consultant

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