30 Clever (and Pretty) Outdoor Privacy Screens

Having a patio or backyard is a fantastic feeling, especially on those warm summer days and cool evenings. However, some people may have the issue of lacking privacy in their yard due to a road or neighbors nearby.

The good news is, it’s quite easy to get an outdoor privacy screen, even an affordable one or something you can make yourself at home quite easily. Here are the top 30 ideas that other people have successfully adopted.

1) Create a Charming Rustic Garden Wall

One clever way to add a privacy wall is to incorporate it into your garden, like this cute weathered white garden screen. It’s been created from a few old doors and painted white. A few plant displays have been added around it so it’s better integrated with the whole yard.

I also love the small and simple wreath that’s been added to the center of the garden wall, to make the whole thing appear more charming.

2) Use Some Gorgeous Hanging Vines

This vine display is amazing for creating a natural green privacy wall at the end of a patio. Although it can take a bit longer to achieve, it’s well worth the wait as it provides privacy while still letting light come through.

To do this, you’ll need to put up railings or wire, like in this example so the climbing vines have somewhere to keep growing upwards and create the wall effect.

3) Plant Evergreens for a Tall Shrubbery Wall

Another natural privacy option is planting some tall shrubs or bushes to have a high wall between your property and the next one. These evergreens are guaranteed to stay thick year round so you can continue to have privacy even if you get cold winters.

For this option, you’ll need to find the right evergreens that involve low maintenance but that won’t grow out of control.

4) Install Thick Mesh Fabric on a Wooden Frame

This foldable privacy wall is a good idea, and it can also be moved around your backyard. It’s been made with four large wooden frames attached to each other with hinges. In each frame, a thick mesh fabric has been attached for privacy.

It’s a great option if you want to let some light in but also protect your yard from prying eyes. It’s also a good way to add some shade to your backyard.

5) Build Your Own Tree Branch Privacy Screen

This is a partial privacy screen that can be easily built with a lot of small, thin tree branches. They are simply nailed horizontally to some larger and longer crossbeams, and the result is a privacy wall that lets in a bit of light but also has a lot of character.

You can keep the whole thing unfinished, like in this example, for a natural and rustic look if that’s the decor style you’re going for.

6) Be Unique With a Tin Privacy Wall

If you want a full wall with no gaps, a tin wall like this one can be the way to go for you. It’s a great reusable material and it’s quite unique compared to the wooden look most backyards go for.

I like the mixed material and rustic appearance of the tin wall paired with the Adirondack chairs and terracotta planters.

7) Change Things Up With Denim Jeans as Planters

This is a truly unique look that’s not for everyone, but it’s a great idea if you like standing out and eclectic choices in your backyard. A series of old blue jeans have been repurposed into planters, and now have tall grasses coming out the tops of each pair of pants.

The whole guide to achieving this look is available if you want to have a standout privacy screen different from everyone else’s.

8) Plant Tall Grasses or Bamboo

Tall grasses or bamboo are an excellent way to create some privacy in the yard, and they’re lovely plants to have on their own. In this example, the tall grasses have been planted in large tin planters so they’re already starting up quite high off the ground.

The planters can be moved to the right spot to offer a bit of privacy to your patio or yard if you choose to have a get-together.

9) Install Smaller Lattice Screens for Patios

If you want to add privacy just to your patio and not your whole yard, consider installing some simple lattice screens for partial shade and privacy. I like the contrasting colors of these three lattice panels, with the frame painted white and the rest in natural wood.

These screens are hanging from the patio roof but the thin cables holding them up create the illusion of floating screens, which is a simple yet excellent idea.

10) Make a Moveable Wattle Privacy Screen

This wattle screen is quite effective and very functional, as it can be moved around the yard as desired and it’s entirely standalone. It’s been created with a lot of long, thin branches all affixed to the frame and crossbeams.

The frame itself sits on a wide base for better support and means it won’t just blow away in the smallest wind.

11) Slat Walls Are Elegant and Simple

For a more classic and polished look, consider getting a slat wall like the one pictured here. Unlike the previous wooden examples, this one is made from polished and smooth slats instead of branches, and they’re lined up close to each other to create a lot of privacy.

It’s a great idea for a more modern and elegant home as opposed to the rustic and natural look created by the other wooden privacy screens.

12) Hang a Magical Ribbon Screen

This is a unique and budget-friendly way to create a privacy screen for your patio space. A series of ribbons are hung from a metal frame and the result is a simple and pretty privacy curtain.

A mix of pink and white ribbons in different shades have been used for this ribbon curtain, but any color can be used depending on the type of look you’re going for in your backyard.

13) Use Old Shutters to Create a Statement Fence

These old shutters have been attached together to create one long foldable fence made from shutters. The whole thing has also been painted in a bold blue color for a stunning and statement privacy fence.

This is perfect to add a bit of privacy to a garden table and chairs, especially if there are neighbors nearby. Despite the bold color of the shutters, it blends in well with the rest of the garden and even the bird feeder.

14) Buy a Fake Greenery Wall

If you don’t have the patience or time to grow a privacy wall from plants, you can buy a faux one to install along the front of your home. As you can see in this example, it’s extremely easy to install, simply rolling it out the length of a fence.

15) Let Light In With a Bamboo Screen

Bamboo screens are a fantastic idea to have a mix of brightness and light and privacy. They block most of the view onto the patio while still letting a lot of sunlight stream in.

Bamboo screens can either be installed in firm frames like in this example, or you can get some that can roll up or down depending on if you want them there all the time or not.

16) Use Wine Bottles for a Splash of Color

Empty wine and beer bottles can be repurposed in a clever way to create a privacy screen at the end of the porch, like in this example. It’s a great way to recycle the material and also to add a splash of color to your porch.

You can either look for a mix of different bottle colors, like in this example or try to find all different shades of the same color for a more uniform privacy wall.

17) Mix and Match Wood and Aluminum

Using mismatched materials like wood and aluminum is a great way to have a unique and eye-catching privacy screen in the yard. These large panels look amazing and create privacy while still allowing a bit of personality and brightness to come through.

18) Install a Lattice Screen With Hanging Pots

The lattice screen pictured here is a great idea to put at the end of a patio, especially if you have a lot of potted plants you can hang from it. It’s a good way to build and add plants to your garden while improving the privacy aspect of the screen.

If this is something you’re interested in, you can follow this handy guide to be able to build your own gorgeous lattice wall.

19) Add Chicken Wire and Plants to a Pergola

A pergola is a wooden structure that many people have over their patio or backyard spaces. If you want to make it more private and block off one side of the pergola, consider installing some chicken wire across one end of it.

You can then hang some potted plants across the side of it in terracotta pots. You can also plant some growing vines at the base of the pergola and have them grow up the wire.

20) Build a Rustic Slat Wall With Repurposed Wood

This is a gorgeous slatted wall with thick wooden planks that’s quite simple and easy to build yourself. Simply create the frame and put a series of planks horizontally across with just small gaps between each.

It adds a lot of privacy but also a rustic charm to the patio, especially with lovely potted flowers hanging diagonally across it in vintage steel pails.

21) Create a Full Plant and Flower Privacy Wall

This true living wall is gorgeous and creates a thick privacy screen between this homeowner’s open air seating area and the neighbors. It includes flowers of every color and is a thick and eye-catching display.

When you’re designing your backyard privacy solutions, consider ways that you can use your privacy screen to enhance or add to your garden instead of having something that minimizes your space.

22) Hang Some Outdoor Curtains Around the Porch

Another option to add privacy to just a covered porch is to add curtains around it. These white curtains are lovely and light and add a thick privacy curtain to the space as well as some shade to the corner.

It’s quite easy and affordable as all you need are the curtains and the curtain rod that’s needed for installation. Curtains can be taken down quite quickly if there’s bad weather on the way.

23) Look for a Privacy Screen With a Pattern

If you’d prefer a privacy screen with a bit of character that’s a bit different than wood and lattice, check out this amazing privacy screen with a circular pattern. It looks really unique and delicate with the dotted holes across it.

The material is pale so it doesn’t stand out too much in the garden but it still provides a lot of privacy to the backyard.

24) Combine Lattice and Planks for a Unique Wall

I love this privacy screen because it’s adaptable to the slope of the yard. It’s created through a series of different wooden panels, with a mix of planks and lattice work. The individual sections add a measure of privacy while still having a lot of space.

To fill in some of the gaps, some tall grasses and plants have been added and the result is a beautiful garden and a bit of the view of the road blocked.

25) Get Lovely Interwoven White Planks

This white privacy screen is gorgeous and also quite successful at blocking the whole view onto the patio. The wall is created with interwoven white planks so there are still small cracks and a bit of texture, but it’s quite impossible to see through.

Some detailing has been added to the top of the wall, and a hanging potted plant softens the look and adds color.

26) Build a Natural Garden Wall

I love this garden wall because it involves a mix of tons of different potted plants, and the plants can be switched out as you want. All you need to do is put up some solid wooden posts and install horizontal rods across.

Then, you can hang a series of baskets and plants in a certain pattern or color, like in this example here. It’s an excellent way to add some privacy while focusing on your garden.

27) Go for a Stunning Black Statement Wall

This black statement wall stands out and is definitely eye-catching. It’s bold and modern, with an intriguing pattern and semi-privacy. It’s an excellent way to create a wall around a patio while still allowing some light in.

The number of spaces between the different wall pieces is great to keep it light and balance the darkness of the wall.

28) Use Wine Barrels as Planters for Tall Plants

Wine barrels are perfect for large potted plants like these ones, and the bonus is that you can move them around to where you want to create privacy in your yard. They’re also big enough to plant tall, large shrubs or trees like the ones pictured here.

You can create two pots from one barrel, making this a great option for reusing materials and a very budget-friendly option.

29) Set Up Repurposed Doors for an Eclectic Look

This is a truly eclectic garden wall but it serves its intended purpose of adding privacy to the backyard. These folded doors attached together create an uneven and interesting folded wall, to which a number of vintage items have been added.

30) Buy a Planter With Trellis Attached

These planters with attached trellis are a great option to build or buy because it serves a dual purpose of creating a garden as well as a privacy screen.

As you can see, it can take time for the growing plants to cover the trellis and add some privacy, but the finished result will be worth it. In the meantime, you have a lovely garden in planters to enjoy.


When you first think of an outdoor privacy screen, at first you may not realize it, but there are so many different ideas out there. Even better, most of them are quite affordable and beautiful, so truly anyone can get a privacy screen and enjoy their backyard in peace and privacy.

Whether you want to repurpose wood for a privacy wall or hang up delicate curtains, or even get a natural plant privacy wall, the possibilities are truly endless. Choose the one that works best for you and the backyard style that you want to achieve.

*Source: https://decoratedlife.com/diy-outdoor-privacy-screens/