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What Does Factory Direct Mean?

Factory direct means that the company you are working with has a factory of their own where their products are manufactured. The products are offered directly to the public, with no middlemen, suppliers or dealers in the process. This effectively cuts out an entire layer of price increases to the customer, a practice commonly referred to as “cutting out the middleman.”

Why Factory Direct is Better

It is at the Compass Sunroom Factory in Florida where the innovative Colorbeam high-wind framing and Colorspan insulated wall and roof panels are made.  Free of costly supply chain partners, Compass can build your project using these superior materials at prices that are competitive with traditional “Light Frame” components.  Our unique direct to consumer business model allows Compass to stay on top of best practices in our industry.

What is a Middleman?

A middleman in the building industry can be a supplier or “wholesaler” that buys from a manufacturer. The wholesaler warehouses the product until it is needed by another middleman, the builder or contractor who directly or indirectly (thru subcontractors) installs the product. The important takeaway is that the middleman comes between you and the factory, adding unnecessary layers of costs and decreased accountability because the product was not made by them.

A Single Point of Contact

Compass Sunrooms is the manufacturer and your warranty is with us, we are directly accountable to you. This gives you a single point of contact for any issues that may arise. This is what sets Compass apart from middleman like wholesalers, material dealers and subcontracted installers who are renown for sidestepping responsibility to the customer.

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