Creating Your Own Backyard Shangri La

In these days when we’re all spending a lot more time at home why not use this as an opportunity to turn that space in your backyard into your very own private Shangri La? Here are a some great ideas to do just that….

Grill-Zebos & Patio Cabanas
Instead of a lonely barbecue in the blazing heat, a Grill-zebo or patio cabana is a shaded haven for dining outdoors.

Pool Side Cabana Fort Walton Beach FL

Lights, Lights and More Lights!
Outdoor lighting can create the right ambiance for your outdoor backyard living area. Electric or solar lamps, made especially for lighting walkways, garden beds or even outdoor fireplaces, can make all the difference to the final appearance of your backyard design.

A Blockhouse Shed to Make Room for Your Passion
Imagine taking a little bit of your backyard and creating your very own private space to exercise whatever you’re passionate about. Art studio. Writers den. Man cave. She shed. You name it, a Blockhouse shed from Compass will give you the climate controlled space to live your best life.

An attractive item which many start with is a pergola. Pergolas create the effect of openness and with a Pergola wrap they can also provide a nice shaded spot in your backyard.

Plants & Landscaping 
Plan your backyard well and be sure to include a variety of plants at various stages of growth. Trees, shrubs and flower seedlings are all available at varying heights and stages and they do go a far way in enhancing the overall appearance of your backyard.

Sunroom & Screen Room Additions
The coup de grace of your backyard Shangri La is a climate controlled sunroom or a screen room enclosure ideal for everything from happy hour and watching the big game, to reading and an afternoon nap.